Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Mehcad Brooks’ Sexiness

Mehcad Brooks Necessary Roughness

If I had to give a review of the second season of Desperate Housewives, it would go like this: “Absolute worst season of the entire show, but Mehcad Brooks!!!”

This Sexiness Appreciation post has been a long time coming. Mehcad Brooks is a gorgeous specimen of a man, and he’s got SEX written all over him. Some of you may know him as Matthew Applewhite from Desperate Housewives, Jerome from The Game, Eggs from True Blood, TK from Necessary Roughness, or the newest face of Jimmy Olsen in CBS’ upcoming Supergirl. Or, perhaps you know him from those mind-blowingly sexy Calvin Klein “Elements” ads. However you may know him, I’m pretty sure he would have made some sort of impact on you.

So, after the jump, take a moment to appreciate all the sexy that is Mehcad Brooks. Fair warning: the GIFs included are severely NSFW.

Show me the sexiness, dammit!

#BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat is the Reason The Internet Was Created

Sure, sure, the dissemination of crucial information, education, and advancement of human existence are sorta reasons also, but I can assure you that the creator of the internet had known, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we would one day need to the phenomenon #beyoncealwaysonbeat.

Social media has a way of turning the most obscure ideas into global obsessions. If the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Blue/Gold Dress Debate or #CharlieCharlie have taught us anything, it’s that at any moment, we, the public, can turn anything into a worldwide frenzy through our use of social media. Beyoncé, who is already pretty much the queen of everything, if the number of GIFs on Tumblr is any indication, recently took Twitter, Instagram and Vine by storm with the hashtag #beyoncealwaysonbeat. If you aren’t aware of it – and I’d be seriously shocked to learn that you were – this latest craze involves taking a short clip of any one of Beyoncé’s incredible, on-point choreography, and blending it with any random song (though it works best with songs containing strong bass beats). The result is the incredible realization that Beyoncé’s moves seem to go in sync with anything thrown at her… though, really, we didn’t need a hashtag to tell us that.

The entire thing is silly yet genius, inane but hilarious, and I cannot tell you how much time I’ve spent going through far too many of these videos. For those of you who may not be aware of it, I’ve included some of my favorite after the jump.

Show me the #beyoncealwaysonbeat videos, dammit!

Paralyzed Ex-Football Player Chris Norton’s Walk Across His Graduation Stage Will Make You Feel Things

Seriously, get ready for the feeliest feels possible! Chris Norton, who became paralyzed after a sports injury in his freshman year, was afraid that he’d never again regain movement beneath his neck. Still, he set a monumental goal for himself: to walk across his graduation stage to receive his degree. Chris dedicated up to six hours a day training for that moment and, watching him accomplish it is an absolutely remarkable experience.

With help from his fianceé, Emily – to whom he’d gotten engaged just the day prior – every tiny and difficult step that Chris took kicked “the impossible” right in its face. The cheers and encouragement that he received from the audience is pretty much the audible version of what you feel inside, watching him realise his goal. You’ve got to watch the video to truly appreciate the awesomeness of it all. Just keep reminding yourself, “don’t shed a tear, don’t shed a tear.”

Actually, you know what? To hell with that! Shed as many tears as you want!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Covers Men’s Fitness

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Men's Fitness Cover

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who we all know as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones, covers June’s issue of Men’s Fitness. We may not remember it, seeing as the show has been so stingy having Nikolaj show any skin at all this season, but the guy has a great body beneath all that medieval garb, making him a perfect specimen for the fitness magazine.

The vast majority reads more like an ode to Game of Thrones than it does a highlight of Nikolaj’s workout routine, but it’s still an interesting enough read. Nikolaj, despite his huge role on the show, and the fact that he will forever retain cult icon status at fantasy conventions in the future, seems very opposed to reveling in the idea that he is, in fact, a celebrity.

What I have now is about the show and not about me. I’ve been working in this business for 20 years, and I’m very grateful for what I have, but it’s going to end sooner or later. Should I fall into a depression because I’m not going to have that kind of attention someday? I can’t allow that because it’s just stupid.

He also speaks about how uncomfortable he feels doing nude scenes – though he really hasn’t done any in a while, so…

Being butt naked is horrible because, well, you’re butt naked. As a guy, you have to wear things to cover your privates, and you feel like such an idiot because it looks stupid. And sex scenes when you’re completely naked? Oh, my god, it’s so uncomfortable. It’s just embarrassing on every level imaginable. I can’t ever look at the actress in the eyes again.

He’s funny, I definitely give him that. And quite charming. He speaks about how he never really blows a lot of money like other celebrities do, because the notion just seems ridiculous to him. I’d also quite forgotten that he will be starring in God’s of Egypt along Gerard Butler next year, but he speaks about getting in shape for that role and, lemme tell you, that movie had better make all kinds of money at the box office to be worth all that work.

The issue is out now. More pictures here after the jump

Jean Claude Van Damme Recreates “Kickboxer” Dance Scene on Conan

I’m a bit late with this one, but there’s no way that I couldn’t touch on it!

It’s great when things come full circle! Last year, out of sheer coincidence and Universal misalignment, I caught a showing of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Kickboxer. In that movie, Van Damme has a hilarious and unexpectedly sexy dance number.

Thanks to the circumstances that came together to allow me to see that movie, and that particular scene, I am able to fully appreciate this awesome Conan appearance.

More than 25 years after the release of Kickboxer, Jean Claude Van Damme reenacts the iconic scene, proving that age has had no adverse effects on that waist. Unfortunately, he didn’t do the split this time but Volvo showed us less than three years ago that the black belt martial artist still has it in him.

And, of course, this goes without saying, but I still would! Douchebag indoor shades and all!

Ireland Votes YES To Marriage Equality

Score one for the Irish! Ireland has become the newest country to legalize same-sex marriages! However, what’s even more awesome than that is the fact that they’re the first country to pass the law by popular vote. This means that the Irish public was the one actually responsible for declaring that marriage equality should exist, and they cast their vote to support that!

With the US still awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on nationwide marriage equality, it’s incredibly refreshing to know that there are countries out there where the vast majority of the population is sensible enough to leave their bigotry in the past, where it belongs.

So, in celebration of Ireland’s amazing ruling, go out and grab a whiskey, or stare at pictures of Gerard Butler shirtless all afternoon. This is a judgment-free zone!

Matthew Lewis Covers Attitude Magazine

Matthew Lewis Attitude Cover

Matthew Lewis’ astounding victory over the gods of puberty is really nothing new. For years, people have been marveling over the physical differences between him and his character in the Harry Potter movies. However, thanks to a new feature in Attitude Magazine, his beauty has been reignited in the mind (and pants) of the public, and we all really want him to Neville in our Longbottoms. If Hermione were to come use Petrificus Totalus on grown Neville, I volunteer to be the floor on which his body falls. Ah, Harry Potter and a hott guy – it’s every gay geek’s dream come true!

The issue for which Matthew is the cover star doesn’t come out until Wednesday, but you can bet your elder wand that I’ll be all over that when it does!

Matthew Lewis Attitude

… because random is awesome!


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